Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's with Chunky Crayons!

This year, we decided to make our own Valentine's for the kids to give to their classmates! I read on the internet, an idea to make chunky semi-homemade heart crayons and I thought how fun this would be for us to do as a craft and for the kids to take pride in what they were giving away! These were so easy to make and even Isabella was able to join in the fun!

To make them in any shape, you need broken up crayons (Crayola works the best from what I'm told) and you take off the paper wrapping, break up into chunks (if not already broken) and then you place them in your mold. I found these cute little heart-shaped ones at Target for $2.50 for 2! You then want to stick them in a warmed oven at 200 degrees and let sit on the top rack for about 10 minutes, checking ever so often. (I did mine over the course of two nights after I had cooked dinner in the oven, I just turned off the oven and stuck these in!) Take out and let cool. Because these were silicone molds, I was able to pop them right out! To make the card, I just printed out the "Valentine, you COLOR my world" and then glued it on to pink cardstock. We then used "burger glue" or rubber dots to secure the hearts to the card! Voila!

We thought they came out so cute and the boys were so excited to give them out. The signed the back side as to who they went to and who they were from! Here's the finished product:

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Nancy/Mom/Nana said...

seriously, beth ~ how many hours are in YOUR day!!? how lucky are your kids! 'back in the day' i thought making pink chocolate candy hearts made me a creative mom...i didnt have anything compared to you!! **easter bunnies made out of pint milk cartons w/ cotton balls glued on was the extent of my 'creativity' ~ & may have made the girls slighly ADD!