Thursday, February 26, 2009

"I wear my sunglasses at night..."

So I walk into the boys bedroom this past Monday night to check on them before I headed to bed myself and I see Samuel with his sunglasses on, sleeping soundly!! I got the biggest kick out of this and had to go grab my camera! I asked him the next morning why he fell asleep with his glasses on and his response was simply "it's too bright"! It's at Samuel's request that we keep the closet light on as well as a fake fish aquarium light on as well! Too funny!

And never to let his bigger brother get the best of him, the next night I walk in to check on them and there is Caden with the same pair on but what I thought was super cute is how he has his "Curious George" monkey laying on his shoulder!

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Nancy/Mom/Nana said...

...and Samuel, you look as cool as dad in shades !! :)