Friday, February 20, 2009


For those of you who like "scents" in your home, you will love my new favorite thing...a "reed air freshner"! I like plug-in air freshners that you plug in to an outlet or squirts out at timed intervals but I just hate paying the price for the "replacements" that go in them and feel as though for what you pay, they don't last long enough! I've seen these freshners in the store, in a wide variety of scents, but just wasn't sure about them. So, I decided to give it a go and I bought a set of two for $10 with one scent being "cinammon-raisin" for the kitchen/living room area and then the second sent is a "honey" scent, which I put upstairs. The glass bottle is filled with "oil" and then bamboo "reeds" are placed down in the oil so that the scent filters up through the reeds into the air. They are supposed to last 90 days and so that is about $1.70 per month...not bad! Also, for those of you with children, this is a good alternative to burning candles in the home.


Nancy/Mom/Nana said...

Beth! are these things not THE best! well worth the $ ! trying to sell the house ~ marketing so well timed! even have them @ the cabin where i 1st 'discovered' them! {nancy}


As someone who makes candles and has a ton of experience with fragrance oils, let me caution you about items such as these. First, do not leave these within reach of children. If they ingest the oil, it is just as harmful as any other cleaning substance. Second, fragrance oils will "eat" just about anything they come in contact with so you will want to be very careful where you place a diffuser like this and be sure it is not in an area where it will get knocked over. And lastly....on a happier note, I saw these at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday. They had the Yankee brand diffuser sets in Christmas scents that normally run $24.99 marked down to $4.99. In each set comes three different diffusers, oil, and reeds. And you can use a 20% off coupon bringing them down to $4 for each set of three!