Thursday, May 7, 2009


Outside my's raining yet again! All this rain though has really brought out all the leaves and flowers and the grass is looking so green.
I am thinking...that I need to get up and get motivated. Our community is having a garage sale next weekend and I really want to participate to get rid of some things and clean out rooms and also to make a few extra $$$!
I am thankful for...healthy children! We've been hearing so much about the swine flu here the past few weeks on the news. Luckily, we haven't been hit by anything of this sort. I feel so bad for those families in Mexico who have lost loved ones and especially the children.
From the kitchen...I think we're going to have chicken and noodles tonight with some baked bread.
I am wearing...grey carpi's and a blue tshirt and of course, my good ol' trusty flip flops...I could live in flip flops I think!
I am reading...Christianity 101, Chapter 5 for my Life Group. The pastor was supposed to come to our group last Sunday but had to cancel and so we're kinda stagnant right now. I've also started reading Psalms in the bible and just started this.
I am hoping...that the Lord blesses Kevin with a new job. He's had one phone interview and has a second interview this next Tuesday. He was also called by a bank for a management position and they requested his resume and so these two options are creating hope for us! I know he's going a little bit stir crazy now after being home two weeks and so please continue to pray for us!
I am creating...I finished my first baby quilt last night! It was the quickest, easiest quilt I've ever made and I'm very happy with came out really cute. I'll post pictures of it soon. So, now I'm on to making one more for another friend.
I am hearing...the Today show on TV as well as Isabella sitting across the room and playing with her dollhouse. She's really started playing with her dollhouse and Fisher-Price lil' people toys here in the past couple of weeks and it's cute to see her playing by herself this week.
One of my favorite things...hearing Samuel play with Isabella. Because of his ADHD, we never know what we're going to get sometimes with how he plays but last night, he was so sweet with her and sat down and played with her and her dollhouse and it's these moments of sweetness that I see my adorable first-born son!
A few plans for the rest of the week...Tonight, football practice for Caden...maybe, it's raining again. Friday, we're going to dinner with my sister, her boyfriend and my mother to celebrate mother's day. Saturday, the boys have their football games and then Sunday, we're going to church and then having a cookout here for mother's day for Kevin's mother and ME of course!

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