Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bread Dough, Step 3

The science experiment continues! I'm now on step 3 of the whole homemade sourdough bread from a "starter". Step 2 was just the "feeding" of the starter, which I did this morning, and then I let it set out all day at room temperature. Tonight, I seperated my starter and put one cup of the starter in a bowl and the other back in the fridge, which I'll use to make additional bread loaves and rolls. So to the cup I put in a bowl, I added oil, salt, water and flour. I am to leave it out all night to "rise" and then in the morning, divide it in to 2 or 3 parts to rise again tomorrow during the day and then tomorrow night, hopefully be able to bake a loaf of bread and cinammon rolls!

This has been an interesting process because I was "supposed" to do all this on Saturday night but the day just got away from me. I had "fed" the original starter Saturday morning and let it sit out all day as instructed but then by the time Saturday night came, I was just too tired! I put it all back in the fridge, which gave me a HUGE starter jar! So this morning, I split the original starter, fed it and gave half of it to my neighbor.

Stay tuned tomorrow night...hopefully I'll be posting pictures of yummy bread and rolls!

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Janet said...

My grandma used to use a starter like this for baking, except she named it Herman. I think she named it since you develop quite a relationship with all of the work you have to do with it! ;) It made great bread and rolls though.