Thursday, March 26, 2009


Outside my window...another beautiful afternoon but now the buds on the trees and the flowers are starting to bloom which is a wonderful sight!
I am thinking...that I need to get me and the kids on some sort of routine on Thursday and Friday while I'm off. I haven't gotten much done these past couple of weeks!
I am thankful for...Kevin. Our love for each other, after almost 10 years of marriage, is still intact and as he said Tuesday night, we equal each other out.
From the kitchen...baked chicken, broccoli and rice. I'm also going to make muffins tonight for the kids for breakfast tomorrow morning.
I am knit capri's; brown shirt with a white shirt underneath and my flip flops! As always, I'm about comfort!
I am reading...Confessions of an Irritable Mother; Christianity 101, Chapter 4 for my bible study.
I am hoping...that Kevin's and I work situations take a turn for the better very SOON! Please pray for us as things are going to get really tough here soon but God promises to watch over us and take care of our needs (not our wants) and so my faith is unwaivering.
I am creating...still nothing although the ambition is there...going to look up ideas for a baby rag quilt this afternoon.
I am hearing...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie playing. It's 3:30 pm and Caden finally persuaded me to let him watch a few cartoons. We make it through most of the day without television as I prefer that the kids use their imagination to play or do a craft or be outside!
A few plans for the rest of the week...Kevin is OFF this weekend! Wahoo! The weatherman is predicting rain and snow flurries and so I'm sure most of the time will be spent inside but that's okay...Kevin hasn't been home on a weekend in about 4 weeks and so we're thrilled. We have church on Sunday as well as our Life Group that afternoon unless I can persuade Kevin to try the Saturday night service!

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