Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a really nice and relaxing Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday night, my dad and my sister Wendy and her boyfriend, Darrell, came over for dinner. We enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, corn, green beans, etc. and Kevin got the honors of carving the turkey! Before and after dinner, we played the Wii and my dad had never played before. Because he is an avid golfer, we figured we would let him try a game that we know that he's good at! He really had a lot of fun playing and got in to the "swing" of things!

Thanksgiving day, we went to Kevin's parent's house and enjoyed a nice relaxing day with a wonderful tasting spread of food. We all watched the movie Wall-E after lunch and then the "boys" went outside to play a little touch, and sometimes tackle, football. Isabella decided she wanted to help Grandma clean up after dinner and took her job of putting the silver ware into the dishwasher very seriously! We, of course, watched the football games on TV as well and just had a nice day talking and relaxing. I was thankful that Kevin didn't have to work this year and could spend the day with family.

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