Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What a perfect Halloween night! You have to love good ol' Indiana, where it was freezing temperatures at the beginning of the week, but come Friday night, it was clear and balmy! The kids didn't even have to wear jackets. The boys dressed at Ninja's and Isabella as a princess although she wouldn't wear her crown...we were lucky to get any pictures of her with it on her head! Grandma participated in the fun as well and dressed up, makeup, balloons and all, as a happy clown! I made treat bags for all the trick-or-treaters and because of this, was able to count that we had 96 kids come to our front door asking for candy! It was fun to see everyone dressed in their costumes. Ninja's and Spiderman was the popular choice for the boys and the favorite for the girl's, stilled seemed to be a princess!


nana & papaw said...

what a great job of blogging beth! thank you for sharing many more great shots w/ all of us!

nana & papaw said...

heck! princess isabella doesnt need that dumb ole crown..she's
wearing a halo instead! :)