Saturday, November 22, 2008

K+ Family Night gets an A+

Friday night was "Family Night" at Samuel's school for those children who attend the K+ program. Because our county does not have full-day kindergarten, the YMCA sponsers a program called K+, which is basically an extension of his kindergarten class, and they follow the same curriculum and he continues to learn.

For the family night, we weren't sure what to expect as Samuel had been tight-lipped about the night's activities, and so we pretty much only knew we were supposed to show up! We started the evening by doing a scavenger hunt. We were given a sheet with questions in which we had to ask Samuel and it was his job to find things in the classroom which gave us the answer. It was very creative because the answers he had to give/show us allowed us to have insight as to the activities he does during his day while in K+. We then went into the school cafeteria, had a light dinner and watched the kids perform a poem and two songs. Below is a picture of him in his classroom and then a short video of the class performing a song about a turkey trying to run away so that he wouldn't get eaten on Thanksgiving day! Enjoy!


nana & papaw said...

is Samuel cute or what! i almost didnt recognize him ~ he's standing still! this is so cool to be able to share video of the kids! thank you beth!

lis and justin said...

so cute! good job on the video beth!