Saturday, September 13, 2008

FUN day in the MUD!

What a fun day for Samuel it was playing soccer this morning! We got to the fields after a rainy Friday night and arrived to find dirt and water squishing underneath our feet. The games must go on and it made for a entertaining day watching the kids slip and slide around. If you look at the larger picture of Samuel standing, you can even see dirt on his face! By the time Caden played, his field was more dry and so the mud on him was minimal, hence no pictures! I felt a little bit of both sadness and joy at the same time...Caden so wanted to get dirty and have fun in the mud and so he was sad that he didn't get that much and it was joy for me for the fact that he didn't because I don't have to worry about trying to get the dirt out of his jersey and shorts as well! And to think we have pictures next week...this will be a true test to my laundry and stain fighting abilities! ha! Despite it all, both Samuel and Caden's teams won with Samuel scoring 6 goals and Caden, 5!


nana & papaw said...

PELE! PELE!! he & other soccer greats had to start somewhere!! way to go Caden & Samuel!

nana & papaw said...

you are the queen of stain fightin, beth! i use resolve
now instead of shout because
of your success w/ it w/ TWO boys! :)