Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

This past Friday night, courtesy of Kevin's brother, Dan, the whole family got to go to go to the Indianapolis Indians minor league baseball game FREE! This was the kids first professional sporting event that they had been too and so they were extremely excited and driving on the way there, the question of "how much longer to get there Mom" was heard repeatedly!

We started out the evening with free hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and cookies and then Grandma and Papa bought the kids shirts and souvenir mini-baseball bats. We got to our seats and I think Caden kept his baseball glove up most of the evening, hoping to catch a fly ball!

The evening ended with a nice surprise for the kids...fireworks after the show! As we were walking through the stadium to get out to the parking lots, we ran in to the Pirates mascot and so we stopped and the "boys" had their picture taken!

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