Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 year old ATTITUDE!

So Isabella has started this thing here lately, which I'm blaming on all the firework noise from the weeks leading up to July 4th, in which she is continuing to wake up during the middle of the night screaming and crying and will come to our bed wanting to sleep with us. While I would give NOTHING more than to go back to sleep with her in our bed, I am also VERY determined not to start the habit of her sleeping in our bed every night. Another new thing is that she must have her bedroom door completely open in order to get back to sleep and usually we just keep it this way all through the night.

So THREE times last night alone, she comes in crying and babbling and I patiently get up, eyes barely open, and hearing Kevin snoring peacefully peacefully beside me completely oblivious to any of the noise erupting from the 2 year old at the side of the bed. I walk with her in to her bedroom, put her in bed, come back out and sit in the love seat that's out in our open area outside her room. Within seconds, I'm asleep on the love seat and sometimes stay that way for 15 minutes, other times for more than an hour before I wake realizing that I am horribly uncomfortable. But it does the trick for Isabella...she goes back to sleep until the next time she is awoken by some thought, dream or noise...pick one.

This morning, my alarm goes off at 6:55 am (why not 7:00, I don't know but I must feel as though that extra 5 minutes helps me) and I get in the shower and start about the business of making myself presentable to go to work. Before I blow-dry my hair, I tip-toe to her room and shut the door so that I don't wake her up with the squealing that comes from the dryer. A few minutes later, I'm sitting on the edge of the bed watching something that has captivated my interest on the Today show and I hear her get up, start screaming and babbling the whole time and she SLAMS the door open so hard that it hits the wall and then stomps her way back to the bed and falls back asleep. This made me laugh so hard because I realized that my 2 year old, if given the correct words, was cussing me out for closing her door. I'm also realizing that she's doing this at 2 YEARS old...what in all that is good and holy is the future going to bring?

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Halala Mama said...

A former student who now has a 2 year old gave me some great advice. He said that since his wife could sleep through anything, she never heard the baby. So after he had gotten up a few times in the night, he'd pretend to be asleep, roll over, and kick her to wake HER up for a change. :) I confess I used it once ...maybe twice.