Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're BORED Mom!

So earlier this week, I had been looking around the internet, finding fun crafts for the boys to do with things we had on hand at home. I printed out the directions, filed them away for a time which would present itself. So this morning, Samuel told me that he wanted to do crafts today! I was READY! So after I put Isabella down, we get to work, I grab the ideas I had gotten from earlier this week, grabbed the materials and we were going to make "stained glass window" designs! Well, we got 5 minutes in to it and the boys were pouting and I'm like "what's wrong"? Visions of adorable designs quickly vanishing out of my mind and they look at me and say "we just want to paint"! It's the simple things in's funny that we think that we have to have all these "great ideas" to keep children occupied and pretty much, just give them the "basics" and they're happy! So here are the boys, doing their "crafts" today!

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