Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve at The Children's Museum

Christmas Eve, I had the day off of work and the kids were out of school and daycare. The Children's Museum was offering free admission that day and so my mother and I dared to go among the crowd and keep the children busy! As soon as we arrived, the boys were excited because there was a cutout of a "Lego Construction Man" warning everyone of the construction that is currently underway! The boys LOVE lego's and I'm sure somewhere in the house, we have a Lego man that just looks like the one they are standing next to!

Once inside, we managed to spend 2-1/2 hours looking around at all the exhibits the museum offers but we especially spent quite a bit of time in the "dinosaur" portion of the museum. My mother was helping put together a magnetic puzzle of dinosaur fossils while Isabella tried on a costume that she wasn't too happy with!

After the museum, we met my sister for lunch and enjoyed time visiting and exchanging presents with my mother!

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