Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Samuel will kill me when he's older...

We went to Build-A-Bear about two years ago for Caden's birthday and Samuel wanted a Hello Miss Kitty and he was young enough that we just couldn't tell him that those are typically for little girls. So being the good parents we are, we let him pick it out, stuff it, put a "meow" sound in it and even bought a pink robe to go with her Two years later, it is still one of his favorite animals that he sleeps with and it's just become so common to see him with it that I don't even see it as "gender" specific anymore. Here is a picture from earlier this week with Samuel fast asleep...I took this knowing that the day, when Samuel is all "man" and he brings home his bride-to-be, this will be one that I'll have to break out to show her!

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